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Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel

Traveling for business? Leave the planning to our team of travel management experts. We manage millions of dollars in corporate travel, won't you let us book yours? More.

Big Time Family Time

Time flies, kids grow up, your nest empties, you getting the picture? Family matters most: Celebrate yours with a family vacation that's as individual as you are. Activa Travel will help you plan a family vacation worth calling home about – and worth going on again and again.

Looking for an adventure that takes your family zip-lining through the rainforests of Costa Rica, exploring ancient Mexican ruins, swimming with the dolphins or seeing Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower? Wondering about the benefits of an all-inclusive resort vs. a quaint botique hotel?  We'll find the perfect resort for your every want and wish. And when it comes to family vacations at Disney, Activa Travel makes them nothing short of magical. We hold the prestigious rating of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, which means our travel specialists know just how to make your family's Disney trip a dream come true. You could say we're all ears.

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